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Cherish those Memories

When my daughter was born, 25 years ago, my aunt sent over a 'Signature Bear' from Australia. I had never seen anything like it. It was made from plain calico and came with a permanent marker pen. The idea was for family and friends to write messages onto the bear, celebrating the birth and sending love and best wishes to the new baby. I still have that bear which I keep safe for my daughter. It is now a source of comfort and fond memories as many messages on the bear are written by people who are no longer with us.

Shortly after the first messages had been carefully written onto that bear, my friend Rachel and I decided this was a great idea and we found a suitable pattern and made our own Signature Bears. We have made many, many bears over the years and we are no longer the only people making them but we still love our bears as much as we did all those years ago. We may have recycled all the cards sent at the time, but the messages on the bears remain in our home and hearts to this day.

The bears have been used at weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays and graduations, to name but a few different events.

Over the last few years, I have also started to make 'Memory Bears', using the material from cherished clothing and accessories. I love doing this. It gives people the chance to keep a part of the material which evokes such strong memories, without simply having a pile of clothes in the cupboard which may never be worn again.

It is always hard to think of gift ideas for new births, weddings and other life milestones. Having a bear in the house is always welcome! Then if there is clothing or accessories which are no longer needed or no longer fit, what better way to keep part of that material by having it incorporated into a beloved teddy.

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